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Accounting, tax advising

Accounting Service KALIKONTO d.o.o. performs quality accounting services for small and medium-sized companies (d.o.o., d.n.o., k.d., d.d., etc.), sole proprietors, societies, institutes and also natural persons engaged in business (craftsmen, lawyers, notaries, doctors, etc.). We offer everyone the perfect tax advising, partly also financial and business-like.

Since 1994, we have been gradually building a solid, business-partners friendly accounting service, based on simple, professional, and modern e-commerce.

The Accounting Service employs highly qualified staff; employees with extensive accounting experience, and others with the latest faculty accounting and tax knowledge. We diligently take care of current education, and operate in accordance with the Slovenian Accounting Standards and other applicable legislation.

We are trustworthy because we

  • are discreet and friendly,
  • take responsibility for our work,
  • offer individual expert advice,
  • stick to deadlines and agreements,
  • have over 25 years of practical experience,
  • work with more than 120 contract partners.

GZS – List of persons who have obtained the certificate ”Professional manager of accounting services” (for Kalikonto d.o.o. – Jure Rabič, director. )

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