We provide quality accounting services that are tailored to the needs of each individual company. We are an accounting company with a long tradition, accounting specialists for all types of companies, sole proprietors as well as associations, private institutions and natural persons.

Our accounting service offers you the following accounting services:

  • keeping of the basic books of accounts (general ledger, general ledger diary, etc.),
  • accounting for value added tax (VAT),
  • accounting for salaries and contributions, royalties, rents, contracts of employment and other personal income, and reporting to the tax administration and the ZPIZ on such remuneration,
  • production of interim and closing balance sheets and income statement,
  • preparation of consolidations in the group of companies (including interstate),
  • preparation of final reports (calculation of corporation tax, calculation of corporate income tax for sole proprietorships, balance sheets, income statement, etc. for the needs of FURS and AJPES),
  • filling in statistical reports for the needs of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia,
  • production and completion of reports for AJPES needs,
  • production of reports according to client’s wishes,
  • accrual of interest and production of IOP forms, executions, compensations,
  • preparation of compensations,
  • managing accounting by cost sites and projects,
  • calculation of interest,
  • keeping records of fixed assets,
  • preparation of executions,
  • other services as agreed with the client.

Accounting Kalikonto d.o.o. is a technologically advanced business partner who also helps you with the organizational and technical transition to paperless e-commerce.

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