Other Services

Business consulting

We are aware that business consulting is a broad package of activities to support companies and entrepreneurs, which is why, in addition to general and specialist entrepreneurial consulting, we also provide information, training and guidance in the implementation of business projects and solving business challenges.

We also actively include financial consulting in our consulting services since with our knowledge and skills in finance, IT systems, business performance and cost control, we bring the organization added value to optimize processes, increase profitability and manage risks.

In the context of business and financial consulting, we provide assistance in:

  • preparation of business plans,
  • establishment or transformation of companies,
  • preparation and production of short and long-term financial plans,
  • establishment and operation of payment transactions,
  • planning and development of business, while we also
  • consult in the field of accounting, taxes and cash flows,
  • prepare documents to get credit,
  • prepare compensation, assignment, cession and E-execution,
  • prepare financial analysis,
  • obtain credit reports and produce an assessment of business partners,
  • prepare annual reports for business needs and publicity purposes,
  • ensure other business and financial advisory services.
Two serious caucasian men in suits discussing or planning business issues in the office. Colleagues or client and consultant are sitting at the table next to each other and talking.
Company executive coaching young personal secretary assistant, team leader or senior manager explaining work duties to junior, businessman telling contractual terms or deal details to female partner

 With us, your business performance is easier, safer and more economical.

Cross-border intercompany consolidation

The need for consolidation arises in the case of law regulations, and even more so because of management’s need for information on the assets and financial position of affiliated companies, which is required for business planning and decision-making.

  • preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with Slovenian legislation,
  • assistance in the preparation of consolidated financial statements of a Group established outside Slovenia in accordance with the legislation and standards used by the Group.
Cross-border intercompany consolidation

Consolidated financial statements are the financial statements of individual, interconnected companies in Slovenia and abroad. They demonstrate a clear, transparent, real, and fair financial position, as well as the business performance of all companies as if it were a single company. This means that all mutual receivables and liabilities, all mutual income and expenses, as well as all interim profits and losses arising from operations between the Group companies are eliminated.

Pursuant to Article 56 of the Companies Act (ZGD-1), the duty holder for consolidation and the consolidated annual report is a company with a registered office in Slovenia, which is a parent of one or more companies with registered offices in or outside Slovenia, if the parent company or one of its subsidiaries is organized as a capital company, as a dual company or as another legal form under the law of the country of establishment of the company.

Virtual office

For companies that need a business address and are clients of our accounting service, we provide the service called a “virtual office”.

With the help of the virtual office, you can maintain the continuity and quality of your work. In addition to registering a business address at our address, we also provide you with reception, scanning, notification and dispatch of mail, as well as other administrative services as needed.
We offer a professional virtual office for minimal cost.

Virtual office

e-Accounting & On-line accounting

We provide the transition to e-Accounting and all the help you need to make the transition.

If you have your own e-Commerce program, we can help you implement e-Accounting (data exchange between you and accounting). Insofar as you do not have such a program, we offer you the Web.Vasco online program that gives you complete e-Commerce and 24-hour insight into your business books via the internet – complete online Accounting.

The Web.Vasco online program provides:

  • invoicing (both regular and e-invoices),
  • receiving e-invoices,
  • entering received invoices,
  • payment of invoices received,
  • preparation of travel orders,
  • General Ledger and Payroll Insights,
  • entering monthly payroll data,
  • storage operations (max. 1 warehouse),
  • document scanning, etc.
silhouette of happy business man with laptop working on the beach

The program gives you access to our server 24 hours a day, runs on Windows systems, and of course, requires an internet connection to operate.

The Web.Vasco online program has full e-Accounting support, which means that you will no longer need to have a physical archive of accounting records since you will be able to keep all your documents electronically secure. Document scanning is possible with you or with us.

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